Are you a Caterpillar or a ~ BUTTERFLY~

That huge Boulder in front of you ~ College ~



































College can be a ~ ROLLER COASTER RIDE!







On this roller-coaster ride that we call life, we will experience thrilling highs, and we will experience stomach-dropping lows. When unfortunate situations occur, our natural instinct is to partake in negative thought patterns by stressing, dwelling, or worrying. We are human and these emotions are expected. But, when learning to become in control of our attitudes, we can reduce the degree of our… negative reactions and become more accepting of what’s out of our control. Instead of constantly worrying about what you cannot control in life, work on shifting your focus towards what you can always control: your attitude. Make the choice to be positive today.
Going back to college as an older adult is just like this. You are not just juggling school and a social life. You are struggling with school, jobs, family and friends. There always seems to be a crisis of some kind and they always happen during exam times. There always is some report that MUST be done, the family has something that MUST be done, one of your friends is having a melt down. If you are like me you will want to just crawl into a hole and hide for a little while and let life just get back on track. BUT we know that is not possible. You have to set boundaries. Setting boundaries are not always easy, but they are necessary. If you are going to succeed on this college journey, you do not really have a choice.  Especially if you want to complete school with high honors, not just getting by.
You need to get honest with yourself and accept that you do not have to be everyone’s savior and they have to learn to be their own. From my personal experience, this was really hard to do. My husband and boys were so used to me “taking care of everything.”  I handled all the bills, the shopping, the phone calls, the cleaning, cooking and laundry. When I started my Freshman year, I really thought that I could be “Superwoman.” Well, that lasted about 2 months. I thought I was going nuts. 🙂 Why could I not do all of this? What was wrong with me? I began to doubt myself. Had I taken on too much? Did I really think that I could go back to college and have a family and all the responsibilities of life?  OF COURSE I CAN!  It just required some serious restructuring of my life. I started making lists of priorities. I then sat down with my family and told them what needed to change and the help I needed from them. I also explained my expectations and what was not negotiable.  I was surprised that they understood. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t easy for them to change. I also had to be patient and understand that they were trying. I had to learn to accept that sometimes dishes were going to be in the sink or the vacuum wasn’t being run every day. I had to stand by my expectations. It got tough at times and the resistance tested me. Eventually everyone got the message that I was serious. 🙂
College is fast paced and often overwhelming. The best way that I explained it was I would show a math book I was studying and tell them that I had 12 weeks to learn everything in that book, not the whole year. Their eyes would get really wide and say ohhhhh, wow. It was really awesome to see their reaction and the light bulb suddenly going off. 🙂
You can do this. No matter what the struggles are. Use the tools the colleges offer to you such as: Mentors, Tutoring, Counseling. Contact an Alumni and connect with them, They are the best people to help you through it since they have already done it. You will be amazed at the trials and tribulations that other students have had to overcome. Please do not allow life’s roller coaster and tests to cause you to give up. You are stronger than anything that comes your way. FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!
KEEP GRADUATION ON YOUR MIND! It will be worth every single moment.
Enjoy the journey…….


Worry about your Character. NOT YOUR REPUTATION.










Since today is Friday, let’s keep it light. I think this says it all. I know I get this confused a lot and I am sure that you do too. We are always concerned about our “Rep.” instead of who we really are and that is our character. We waste so much precious time worrying about how our friends, co-workers, fellow students and society in general think about us that we are missing the overall big picture.

What does your character say about you? Are you a truly good person, or one full of lip service? Are you a true believer in God/Higher Power. or again just lip service? Do you contribute to your community? Or all talk and no action? Do you always talk about not judging others, but in reality you judge all the time?  Do you talk about following God’s path but yet hold grudges? Do you profess to forgive as God forgives us for our sins and yet constantly remind people how they messed up? Throw up the past? Don’t let go? Do you demand to be forgiven but don’t forgive? Bottom line are you a HYPOCRITE?

Character is who you are in the good times and in the bad times. Character is about being righteous, not just flapping your lips.  Be the person people admire and want to emulate. Also, do not be someone you are not. Be true to yourself.

Reflect on what you think your character is…… Change what you need to change and Be the BEST you can be.  Be kind to your neighbors and humanity. Give back instead of always taking. Share your knowledge.


When it becomes too much. JUST BE YOU!

When it becomes too much. JUST BE YOU!.

When it becomes too much. JUST BE YOU!












During your college journey you will encounter many different obstacles. How you handle them will decide if you succeed or fail. Then again, who decides if you have succeeded or failed? YOU! Do not let how others talk about you or think about you define you. If you do, it can only bring you down. Have you heard the word “Haters?” I know I have. I did not realize how many “Haters” I truly had until I returned to college. Haters are those who are truly jealous of what you are trying to become or who you are. Haters are those who constantly put you down for ALL the mistakes you have made, call you names and so on. UNFORTUNATLEY that is not just a child’s game, adults play it very well.

You DON’T HAVE TO BE PERFECT, just be yourself. You are going to make mistakes and you are going to have to become selfish if you are going to succeed in obtaining a college degree. People cannot handle that. You have sacrificed so much over the years to raise your children, to be a good spouse and employee. Making the decision to return to college and being determined to complete it may make people think you’re being selfish. Really? Think about that. Why are they thinking your being selfish? Because you make the time to do what is needed to complete you work and study? You make sacrifices?

During my four years I have been told by my own GROWN children that I was being selfish because I wasn’t there every second they needed me. Well darn, if I did that I might as well give up my entire life then. 🙂 You know what I am talking about. As I have stated in previous posts, all 16 quarters carried a tragedy I had to deal with. My first entire year was dealing with sons who got into legal trouble and I had to help them get through that. Hmmm selfish huh? A son who decided he had to continuously move back home because he could not maintain his own place and relationships; starting drinking heavily and not respecting our house rules. Hmmm there’s that selfish thing again. My second year was filled with much the same thing. A son in a long-term rehab out-of-state, another son still full of drama on a daily basis. His drama created incredible stress within our family. Every quarter he had something that was a major disaster, whether it was financial, work related, relationship related, or housing related. It was my job to help him clean it up. SELFISH. Having to move three times in four years due to situations beyond our control such as our places were being sold and we had (30) days to find another place and move. All the while working full-time and going to school. SELFISH.  Dealing with my first husband’s gf taunting me on a regular basis (MAJOR STRESS :-)). Finding things out about my childhood that weren’t true and turning my life upside down. Such as learning 51 years later that I was NOT a twin! Try that one on for size. I had been told my entire life that my twin sister Stephanie died at birth. I grew up in a very emotionally abusive home and was told the good twin died, the evil twin lived! So imagine how I felt finding out that there was never a twin! That quarter and the next, I was out of the box emotionally. HOWEVER, I still had to maintain enough to complete the quarters and I did with straight A’s (Full-time).

Then came what was supposed to be my final quarter. All hell broke loose. The one son who was in rehab returned home and relapsed, the other son who caused daily stress decided he didn’t want to ever talk to me again because I refused to help him anymore and began to tough love both my boys. I realized I was not helping them by constantly rescuing them. Then one of the most important people in my life and my biggest advocate Papa Ange died suddenly (I adopted him as my dad and he adopted me as a daughter 6 years ago). He was a retired homicide detective and loved watching me going through my criminal justice classes. He helped me incredibly from his experience. Mama Ange has severe advanced Alzheimer’s. No one saw this coming. Just like that, everything changed. Now it was planning a funeral, burial and dealing with Mama. She had to be cared for 24/7. There were days when I did not sleep for 24 hours straight. Still had to work, still had to go to classes. That went on for a little over a month until we were able to find a place for her and get her moved. Then it was taking care of the house, transferring everything etc. I was taking (3) classes, one which  was Statistics which was INCREDIBLY hard for me. I gave it everything I had and more. Then my youngest son had a life threatening injury that resulted in 3rd degree full-thickness burns on both hands and part of his face. I was in the hospital with him for three straight days without a break. SELFISH.  Remember now, school is in the mix too.

I was falling behind in my math class, the other two were my final electives and they were not difficult. I had to make a decision that I had not  made my entire four years. I had to drop my Statistics class and take it the next quarter. IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE MY LAST QUARTER! I was depressed about it, but I knew in my heart I had to do it. It was the BEST decision I could’ve made. Now it was going to be the only class I had left and I could focus strictly on that class.

We all go through trial and tribulations. It is how you handle them. People are going to be unhappy with some of your decisions. THAT’S OK! If they truly care about you, they will understand, if not, LET IT GO! Some people are meant to leave your life so that you can find the true you. I know that sounds harsh, but it is the truth.

Like the picture above says “BE WHAT YOU KNOW YOU ARE.”

When you hold that degree in your hands, you will know what I am talking about. All the pain and the struggles and tough decisions you had to make was for that paper that says ‘YOU HAVE SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED THE REQUIREMENTS FOR YOU ASSOCIATES/BACHELOR’S/MASTER’S DEGREE.”  The INTENSE pride and sense of accomplishment you will feel will be overwhelming and all those struggles won’t matter then.

Reach deep inside and pull out all the stops. “IT’S ALL WITHIN.”  GRADUATION!!!!