Road to SUCCESS ~ Have you planted your seeds?












Look at the picture and read the words. Are you applying yourself? Are you asking questions? Are you expanding your horizons? Are you stretching your mind?  These few words are crucial to success. You need ro do these things in order to be the best person you can be. If you remain closed minded, you remain closed to opportunities.

When we are young, we don’t consider that time is important. We think we are going to live forever. As older adults starting a new chapter, these words are PROFOUND! Going to college as an older adult requires that you take heed to these words. You need to be more assertive. You must apply yourself more. How many times did you say that you your children, neices or nephews? As an adult student, it requires that you work harder. Concentrate more. We even need to rethink how to approach school, work and family. We have to learn how to prioritize our lives.

Have you planted your seeds? Have you watered them? Have you been nurturing your seeds? What happens to seeds that are not cared for? They don’t grow, they don’t prosper, they die. If seeds are not planted, how can you expect something to grow? Seeds are the future. They promise us life, but only if we water and nurture them. Seeds require us to be diligent and caring, just as college does.

You have already planted at least one seed. You took the step by going back to college. Now you need to nurture it. Study hard, ask questions and so on. Watch your seeds take root and begin to sprout.  Your first harvest will be when you graduate.

While you are studying and taking exams, don’t forget to start networking. Plant the seeds that you are looking for a new career. Talk to people who are in the field you have chosen. Learn what it requires. Learn what you need to know before entering the field. Build your contacts. Nurture your seeds.

HAVE YOU PLANTED YOUR SEEDS? If not, you better get started! 🙂

Enjoy harvesting! 🙂