What Exam? What Homework? REALLY!

I just had to write about this because I heard this twice this week and both times I thought I was going to just fall over.

Two classmates of mine called regarding what homework was due this week. Now let me inform you that both of these students left class an hour early for the past two weeks. When I saw this picture I immediately though of them.

I am by nature a very nurturing person, but we are in COLLEGE!  What do you mean what homework is due this week?! First off, don’t you have a ‘SYLLABUS?”  You know that huge print out the professors give us at the beginning of the quarter that takes you step by step, week by week.  It is even numbered WEEK 1, WEEK 2, and so on.  Secondly, it is MIDTERM WEEK. HELLO!.. The butt kicker for me is the class we are in is a Jr./Sr. class, which means that you know the routine by now. You are not a freshman taking this class.

When I told them it was midterms, they both panicked,saying I’m not ready, what do I do and they rambled for a good 10 seconds. I couldn’t help myself and I asked them, “What week are we in?”  They answered correctly. I also informed them that because they left class early that they did not get the study guide that the Professor handed out for the midterm. I also informed them that the Professor had a study group on Saturday that he announced in class on Thursday.

You could see pure panic set in. They created unnecessary stress for themselves. Now not only are they behind on the homework that was due but they do not have any clue to what is going to be on the midterm. I suggested that they contact the Professor and see if they can get what they need.

This is where I get on my soapbox. This is college, you are an adult, you know how to be RESPONSIBLE. There really is no excuse for allowing this to happen. I know that Strayer for example, very clearly in the syllabus details every week what is required. If you lose the syllabus you can get another or go into the Student Center of Blackboard and get another one. Oh, and then there is this magical instrument called a telephone/cell-phone that you can use to call your professor anytime, or email anytime. Why wait until two days before the class?

REMEMBER, you are paying for these classes. Yes, there is a great deal of freedom going to college, but that freedom can get you into a lot of trouble if you cannot discipline yourself.  I for none am not in class “Just to get by,” I want to ace the class.

Ok, off my soapbox. Do you see yourself here? If you do, change it. If not, congrats.



Whew, what a week!

Ok, so the first week back to classes is over. WINNING! 🙂 We got through all the uncomfortable feelings and the meeting new people and professors. The Professor I have this quarter for my dreaded Statistics is actually quite amusing and I think I am actually going to get through this class easier than I thought. He reminds me of Einstein with that statistician look. (See Below). LOL. In my opinion having a great Professor can make all the difference in the world. As older students, we cannot handle people talking down to us or like we are children. Think about it, most University Professors are used to students who are between 17 & 25. Now there is a segment of

students returning to college who have life experiences, raised families and have been successful in their careers.

A I don’t know about you but I always feel nervous when I enter a new situation. I make sure that I am there early and I now sit at the front of the class. I learned in previous math classes that I took on campus that even though it is college, the people who really do not care sit in the back and play on the computers or chat to one another. I cannot afford that. I take my education very seriously ( I mean afterall you are paying a lot of money, right?)

Now the weekend is here and it is homework and study time. The way I usually handle it is I allow myself to sleep in a little longer, usually to 8 am – WOW that’s late huh?! 🙂 Then I drink a much-needed cup of coffee and read or listen to the news. Take a shower and then get my books together and go to my quiet place (right now it’s my room because my 3-year-old granddaughter id FULL OF ENERGY!) and I begin with my work. Right now I only have my final class so I won’t have to spend the entire weekend studying. If I pace myself, I will be done between 4-6 hours and then it’s PLAY TIME! 🙂

Remember to not overwhelm yourself, remember to breathe and EAT. All of this is manageable and you will be successful. Have faith in yourself and remember to smile! 🙂

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Looks just like my Statistics Professor