Are you a Caterpillar or a ~ BUTTERFLY~

Worry about your Character. NOT YOUR REPUTATION.










Since today is Friday, let’s keep it light. I think this says it all. I know I get this confused a lot and I am sure that you do too. We are always concerned about our “Rep.” instead of who we really are and that is our character. We waste so much precious time worrying about how our friends, co-workers, fellow students and society in general think about us that we are missing the overall big picture.

What does your character say about you? Are you a truly good person, or one full of lip service? Are you a true believer in God/Higher Power. or again just lip service? Do you contribute to your community? Or all talk and no action? Do you always talk about not judging others, but in reality you judge all the time?  Do you talk about following God’s path but yet hold grudges? Do you profess to forgive as God forgives us for our sins and yet constantly remind people how they messed up? Throw up the past? Don’t let go? Do you demand to be forgiven but don’t forgive? Bottom line are you a HYPOCRITE?

Character is who you are in the good times and in the bad times. Character is about being righteous, not just flapping your lips.  Be the person people admire and want to emulate. Also, do not be someone you are not. Be true to yourself.

Reflect on what you think your character is…… Change what you need to change and Be the BEST you can be.  Be kind to your neighbors and humanity. Give back instead of always taking. Share your knowledge.


Today’s Inspiration Hope Will Let You Win

Yes it will. There will be many times during your education when you feel the wind is constantly in your face and you question if you are on the right path. This is where success begins.  This is also where failure begins. You can rise to the situation or you can put your tail between your legs and run away as fast as you can.

Sure going to school, working a full/part time job, raising a family, being a partner or a friend can surely be overwhelming, but also again workable. Sacrafices have to be made and you need to decide of you want to be a quitter or a winner.

Know that the struggles are only momentary and “This too shall pass.” I cannot tell you how many times I have repeated those words in four years and it works. Keep pushing ahead until the wind is at your back.


Online Classes vs On Campus Classes

You have made the decision to return to college. Do you take online classes or go to the campus? To begin with, I am grateful to even have that option. When I went to college the first time, like ohhh 30 years ago there was not that option. I have done both.

When I registered for my first classes, I chose to take them on campus because I really did not have a clue what taking an online class would be like. Us old folks don’t like change and have fear of the unknown as it is. 🙂 I am glad I chose that route at first because it acclimated me on the business of being a student again. They offered workshops on studying techniques and writing APA style (The dreaded APA ) 🙂 Just kidding. I had no idea what APA was and Turnitin. Being on campus also gave me the opportunity to know the University and Professors. It also gave me the ability to begin working out all the kinks of going to college and still having a job, family and friends.  There was another important factor for me at that time and it was “Socialization.”  I was able to speak with fellow students who had the same goals and dreams. People who had the same struggles but were determined to get through them. Students who had their eye on the prize -GRADUATION! Going to campus at first put things into perspective. They were night classes so they did nit interfere with my work schedule. The worst that happened was I may have shown up once or twice a few minutes late.

After listening to other students speak about doing classes online (I met them in the computer lab where they were doing their work), and hearing about the flexibility it gave  and how it allowed them to concentrate more on their work, I decided to give it a try. To be honest, you know as well as I do when you are sitting in a classroom for 4 hours there are many disruptions and those who are not into their education talk, talk, talk. That interferes with my trying to learn, besides it’s just plain rude. 😦 (Sorry, I had to be honest here). So for my second quarter I chose the online avenue and I have not turned back since! I absolutely love doing my classes online. (Ok, wait a minute, I must also be honest and say that the only classes I take on campus are my MATH classes because I am such a dummy and illiterate in math that I need to be in a setting where I can pick up the little extras from the professor.)

I have completed my Bachelor’s degree virtually all online. Online gives incredible flexibility. You still interact with fellow students through discussion threads and emails. Professors can do workshops online where students can log in, hear and interact with the Professor and students. You get feedback from fellow classmates on your discussions and you can also communicate with others through the schools email system. I have actually had study groups with my fellow classmates through SKYPE.

I often hear people talk about they are afraid to consider online classes. I am here to say that don’t be concerned. The Professors are always available by phone, or email and they are eager to help you. I cannot count the number of phone calls and emails I have sent my Professors over the past four years. I was never put off or told I was being a pain in the butt. Professors appreciate when you ask questions as long as it is not at 3:00 in the morning, 🙂 Online does give you much more flexibility. You decide when you are going to class (Oh yea, every online course has lectures that you listen to, so therefore it is like having your own personal Professor talking directly to you).  You do not have to rush to get to class on time and yes you can go to class in your jammies, lol I can’t tell you how many times I have done that too.

Online classes does take some getting used to. You have to learn to discipline yourself. If you are serious about your education, you will make it work. You have to set boundaries on being interrupted. You have to turn the television off and phones too. I treated it like I was at work. When the door was closed to my bedroom or home office, that meant I was studying and was not to be disturbed unless the house was burning down.  If you take that approach, you will adjust quickly and find that online classes are the way to go.  Discipline, Discipline, Discipline. If you have young children you will need to develop a system by setting up a movie or depend on your spouse for help. If you are a single parent, you are going to have to ask for help from friends just as you would if you were going to classes on campus.

As a college student with many demands, you will need to reach deep down inside yourself and find the strength and answers and do what works best for you and your lifestyle. Look at all the options WITH AN OPEN MIND. Do not automatically say “That won’t work for me.” How do you know unless you try? Have faith and confidence in yourself and you will make it.

Keep your eye on the prize – GRADUATION! (Thank you Dean Sizer)! 🙂

Here is a picture of MY GRADUATION – Bachelors Degree with High Honors – Sept. 24, 2011.  GO FOR IT!

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