Road to SUCCESS ~ Have you planted your seeds?

Road to SUCCESS ~ Have you planted your seeds?.

What kind of future are you building? ~Weak or Strong!

What kind of future are you building? ~Weak or Strong!.

When College Gets Tough ~ The Tough ~ GET GOING! ~HOPE~















Midterms are done, grades are in and the 2nd half of the quarter/semester begins. This is usually the time that classes are getting more trifling. When you say to yourself  “What was I thinking?” More papers are due, the work is increasing, and if you did not do well on your midterms, you really have to buckle down. If you aced your midterms, you have to work harder to maintain it.

You had all this energy and motivation when the quarter/semester started and now you are winding down a bit. I understand that only too well. HOWEVER, this is NOT  the time to allow that to happen. There will be plenty of time when the quarter/semester is over. It is the time to reach deep down inside and pull it all back out. This is where the old saying comes in; “It’s the difference between the men and the boys.”   The difference between SUCCESS & FAILURE. You need to remember why you chose to go back to college in the first place and re-energize yourself.  College is tough, I agree, but so is LIFE. So is your job, so is being a spouse and so on. How bad do you want this degree? Is it worth the sacrificing? OF COURSE IT IS! You can do it! HOWEVER, if it is not, then you need to make some decisions. Before you make any decisions, wait until the quarter/semester is over and then decide. Give yourself an honest chance before deciding to drop out.

Pick yourself up and dust yourself off and get TOUGH. Remember it’s all about GRADUATION! FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!

I particularly like Strayer’s saying : “ONLY THE DRIVEN.”


Enjoy this beautiful day God gave you.


Some Days I Just Need a ~ HUG!












This week has been a bit trifling. Midterm week, work was just nuts, forget my Bff’s birthday, two friends of our family died. One a 22-year-old young man who succumbed to brain cancer. Tragic at such a young age. The other, a prominent attorney who was an amazing man who brought so much to our communities. Both will be sorely missed.

I woke up feeling a little grumpy and frustrated. I am normally a very balanced person who keeps her life scheduled and in order. The last two weeks I have forgotten what that is all about. To forget your best friends birthday! Well, that just tells me that I need to calm down and meditate. Waiting for grades to post is also STRESSFUL! My brain won’t shut up. “I wonder how I did, I wonder how I did, I wonder how I did?’ Over and over again. I keep checking blackboard like every ten minutes to see if anything has posted yet.  It’s time for me to PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH!

The grades are what they are now. I can’t change the outcome now. The week is over, that also cannot be changed. What CAN be changed is ME. Getting all out of sorts is not going to help anything or anyone. Being happy and at peace affects me and everyone around me. So, that is what I need to do. MEDITATE. BREATHE. Go to my happy place and stay there for about 15 minutes. ALLOW yourself to do the same.

Being an older adult going to colleges has its challenges, but it also has its benefits. I’m a lot more mature than I was when I was 18 years old and going to college. Back then, it was PARTY TIME. Now it’s more like “You’re paying for this, make the best of it.” 

 There have been many ups and owns over the past four years but it’s all coming down to this: This week was my LAST midterm I have to take for my Bachelor’s Degree. My LAST ONE!  In five more weeks, I will have earned my Bachelor’s and preparing to start my Master’s program. Here, allow me to say that again, MY LAST MIDTERM for my undergraduate degree! Wow, that sparked something in me!

You need to look at it in a positive light. Whether it be the first midterm of your college career or the last. It is all milestones. I remember the first midterms I took and being so excited when the grades came back that I called everybody that I could think of. Now that it is my last, I STILL DO THAT! Every step in getting your degree is an ACCOMPLISHMENT! Some are baby steps while others were like climbing Mt. Everest!  Sometimes we just need a HUG

If you need a HUG today, here’s one from me ( H  U  G ! ! ! )

Whatever milestone you are at today, TREASURE IT! EMBRACE IT! REJOICE IN IT!

That is exactly what I needed –  A REMINDER. Now I can proceed with getting life back on track and not beat myself up over a couple of hiccups this week. Look yourself in the mirror and take a good hard look. If you did the best you could do~ move on. If you were like me and did the best you could but stumbled a little~ be ok with that. Oh  LOOK- WE ARE HUMAN!~ Change what you need to change and leave the rest behind.


Enjoy this BEAUTIFUL day God gave you! 🙂

Mood Swings During Midterms – NOT ME!

Mood Swings During Midterms – NOT ME!.

What Exam? What Homework? REALLY!

What Exam? What Homework? REALLY!.

Midterms – NO STRESS!!!












Since it is a midterm week for  most of us I am trying to keep things light. 

The picture above reminds me of how I felt yesterday and this morning.  Isn’t it amazing how the whole world seems to fall apart when it’s time for midterms! The boss is needy, the spouse is needy, the family is needy, the phones won’t stop ringing.  SCREAM! LOUDER!  Come on LOUDER!  There you go. Doesn’t that feel better.

The brain seems to go into automatic “I’M DUMB” mode. You suddenly forget everything you learned over the last (4) weeks. You sit there and look at those notes and wonder – “Was I in that class?” 🙂  The words look like they are in pig latin and you have the deer in the headlights look.  THIS IS JUST S TEMPORARY OVERLOAD. You’re brain is messing with you and trying to be funny.  🙂  There I see the smile on your face 🙂 .

Just remember to take a few minutes for yourself here and there. It is ok to walk away from your books for a bit. THEY ARE NOT THE ENEMY 🙂 . I PROMISE! 

If you cram too much, it is not conducive to retention of information. Don’t wait to the last-minute and you will do great. It will soon be a distant memory………………………………………………………far, far, away………………………………..











Do you remember when your children had midterm exams and you would say things like “It’s going to be ok or You’ll get through it!” Now you are the one saying MIDTERMS 😦 

Today’s post is just to make you smile. Yes, YOU ARE THE ONE SAYING MIDTERMS! Think about that just for a second and it will bring a smile to your face – COLLEGE STUDENT! 🙂

Know that I am right there with you, I have midterms too. Statistics no less.  Here’s how I look at it. It’s halfway over and it will be just a memory.

Get cracking, feed your brain, take deep breaths – YOU GOT THIS!!!!