You took the first step ~ NOW KEEP GOING!







This picture made me laugh. I remember feeling just like this the first day I went to class as a 47-year-old college student. It reminded me of everyone looking at me; family and friends who were wondering if I was serious. Then I took the plunge. 🙂 still laughing.

That was the day  that I decided I was no longer going to stay where I was at and it was up to me to make the changes.  I knew it was not going to be easy. I was not even sure of how hard it was going to be. However, here we are. I just graduated with my Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice. I am starting my Masters in June. I’ve been offered an internship with a Criminal Justice Agency through the Commonwealth Attorney‘s Office. WOW! 🙂 When I took that plunge (still laughing) I did not see all of this ahead of me.

You may be experiencing the same feelings and can relate to this picture just as I can. It looks like a long way down but it is not. Actually, it seems like yesterday that I started my first class. Now my family and friends are proud of my accomplishments and are beginning to see to fruits of all the hard work and sacrifices just as I am.

You took the most important step ~ The first step! NOW KEEP GOING!

Keep the picture of graduation in your mind and what you think and want your future to look like. You are going to make it! 🙂