Accomplish Great Things ~ GET YOUR DEGREE!










To accomplish great things not only requires all of the above, but also requires A DEGREE!  Having your degree lets you stand above the mediocre. It demonstrates your drive and desire to become the best you can.

I often hear I am stopping at my Bachelor’s because I am just tired of going to school. WHAT? REALLY? Think about that a minute. All that says to me is that you are in fact mediocre. Master’s & PhD’s make a loud and clear statement that you are top-notch. That you want to be the BEST. That you’re willing to work even harder and longer to achieve your goals.

When I was a hiring agent and heard that excuse (because that is what it is) I immediately disqualified that person. Why would a company want to hire someone who got “TIRED” of working so hard?

Of course school is hard, long and exhausting. If it was easy everyone would be doing it. I again revert back to what Strayer University’s motto is “ONLY THE DRIVEN!” Those three little words say it all! If you are not driven to go all the way with school, then how are you going to go all the way to the top at a job?

Don’t make excuses. Dust yourself off and buckle down. That degree means more than you possibly know. It says more than you think about your character. So does your GPA. Don’t settle for “just passing.”  set high standards for yourself and go for it! Excuses are that – EXCUSES!

You can do this. Rise to the top! Be the best you can be. MAKE YOURSELF PROUD! 🙂

Enjoy your journey!


Brain Power – 12 Superfoods to Boost your Brain


Follow this link for incredible information – I follow this myself and it works:

Brain Boosting Superfoods are crucial when you are an older college student. Think about it, you work full/part-time, go to college, take care of your household. At times you feel just plain worn down. The reality is (unfortunately) is that as we age our brains tend to slow down a bit. It becomes harder to concentrate and even stay focused. Healthy eating and eating the RIGHT foods can definitely give your brain the boost that it needs.

I did not understand this concept until about a year ago when a friend showed me this article and I began following it. Not only is my brain sharper, but my energy level is higher and my concentration level had increased two-fold.

Take the time to check out this article and I can state from my own personal experience the difference eating the right foods can make in your life (especially with all that studying we are doing 🙂 )