I wish I was in grade school ~ When there was NO FINALS! :-)

I wish I was in grade school ~ When there was NO FINALS! 🙂.

Accomplish Great Things ~ GET YOUR DEGREE!

Accomplish Great Things ~ GET YOUR DEGREE!.

When College Gets Tough ~ The Tough ~ GET GOING! ~HOPE~

When College Gets Tough ~ The Tough ~ GET GOING! ~HOPE~.

Some Days I Just Need a ~ HUG!

Some Days I Just Need a ~ HUG!.

College makes you – COME ALIVE!

College makes you – COME ALIVE!.

Trying to adjust to this homework

Well, I started my Statistics class @ Strayer University. It is my final class for my Bachelors in Criminal Justice. I think I made a mistake making it my last class because the pressure is really on to maintain my 3.8 GPA. Math is incredibly difficult for me as it is. Tryng hard to concentrate with a house full of people. My son and his wife and three yr. old daughter had to move in because of the economy and financial difficulties. Have you tried to study a foreign language (that is what math is to me) with a three year old running around and screaming?Whoa. I had forgotten what that was like. But I can adjust, it is all in the attitude that I go into this with. I have to set boundaries for myself and others and demand that they respect that. My boys have made fun of how much time and energy that I put into school. I’ve been accused of school being my whole life and that there is more to life than school. I do not agree with that. School is only temporary. I only have so much time to get this finished so that I can move onto the next chapter of my life. I have spent my whole life raising children and yes, even adult children and it is time for me now. I enjoy that feeling of accomplishment at Graduation, the feelings I get when I make Dean’s List and the awards I have received from Strayer.

As an adult student, being successful in the classroom becomes even more important. We understand what society looks for. We can no longer use our age as a reason for slacking off. For example, when I went to college the first time as an 18 year old and I would skip classes and so on, everyone would say “Oh, that’s because she is young and needs to get it out of her system.” What?! Now, there is not a reason except that I do often hear from other students that the excuse is “WORK” & “FAMILY” issues. Well in my opinion, there are not any excuses as an adult. You can re-arrange your life and schedule to fit what you need to do to accomplish your academic goals. Anyone can find and use an excuse, but a succesful, pride driven person finds solutions.

Well, it’s back to studying. I will let you know how it goes.  Send all the positive vibes my way. 🙂

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