Stress vs Attention. It is easier than you think.

I thought that this is most appropriate now considering finals are around the corner. yesterday I spoke about stress. Today, this picture really calmed me and made incredible sense.  My energy goes wherever I want it to go.  It said “Attention” not “Stress.” Stress, sucks all the positive energy out of you and leaves you exhausted. Attention means focus, and when you are focused, it creates positive energy. GEEZ, WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG TO REALIZE THAT!  🙂

When you look at this picture, what do you see? Stare at it for a minute or two. How does it make you feel? Look at all the power surrounding his head and body. Notice how relaxed he is. Print this out and put it wherever you can see it all the time. Let it be a reminder to you that staying focused is important, not staying stressed.

This is true is all aspects of our lives, not just school. Our jobs, our families, our friends and so on. Try changing the word “Stress” to “Attention.” That sounds less harsh. I am going to do the same. Instead of saying “I am so stressed, or this really stresses me out,” say, “I need to focus my attention more on this or I need to channel my attention to the task at hand.” When you say the word stress, it causes your body to tense up but when you say the word attention, it does not bring on such reactions.

Place your “ATTENTION” where it needs to be and you are going to get through the next couple of weeks easily. Now I’m not saying that it won’t be difficult from time to time. I am saying that how we approach it does make all the difference.

While you are at it, remember to pay “ATTENTION” to your needs as well. Take care of yourself too. Eat right, exercise, drink plenty of water and meditate. Go out with the girls/guys and cut loose a little bit. Get a massage or just take a nap. You will feel so much better. Be good to yourself.

Enjoy this beautiful day.


Midterms – NO STRESS!!!












Since it is a midterm week for  most of us I am trying to keep things light. 

The picture above reminds me of how I felt yesterday and this morning.  Isn’t it amazing how the whole world seems to fall apart when it’s time for midterms! The boss is needy, the spouse is needy, the family is needy, the phones won’t stop ringing.  SCREAM! LOUDER!  Come on LOUDER!  There you go. Doesn’t that feel better.

The brain seems to go into automatic “I’M DUMB” mode. You suddenly forget everything you learned over the last (4) weeks. You sit there and look at those notes and wonder – “Was I in that class?” 🙂  The words look like they are in pig latin and you have the deer in the headlights look.  THIS IS JUST S TEMPORARY OVERLOAD. You’re brain is messing with you and trying to be funny.  🙂  There I see the smile on your face 🙂 .

Just remember to take a few minutes for yourself here and there. It is ok to walk away from your books for a bit. THEY ARE NOT THE ENEMY 🙂 . I PROMISE! 

If you cram too much, it is not conducive to retention of information. Don’t wait to the last-minute and you will do great. It will soon be a distant memory………………………………………………………far, far, away………………………………..