You’ve worked hard~CONGRATS!


Most of us are getting ready for that dreaded word FINALS! The end is near. For some it’s the end of journey, for others it’s the end of our first quarter/semester. For some it’s the end of our undergraduate work and the beginning of graduate school. Wherever you are at take a moment to pat yourself on the back-Go ahead pat yourself and say GOOD JOB! 🙂 . You deserve it.  You worked hard, studied hard, slept very little. You made it.

Some of you are preparing for GRADUATION! 🙂  YES! You may have your cap and gown, your invitations are out and you are EXCITED! Be proud hold your had up high. Picture Graduation day. Imagine yourself all dressed up standing in line with the other graduates and hearing those words LET’S GO GRADUATES! (I just got goosebumps). Then you hear that music and you begin the procession of walking in front of all those people cheering. Some of you will year up and some of you will smile so much your mouth will hurt. 🙂

Rejoice in whatever stage you are at. YOU EARNED IT! 🙂






















When I read this I thought about all of us college students. Think about it, you rise above the rest to obtain your degrees when others say it’s too much.  You are NOT a quitter, you are NOT the person you were before. You are BETTER! You have CHARACTER and a PURPOSE!

I think so often about my past; growing up in a severely abusive home, alcoholism and drug addiction, to my disastrous first marriage. I was called a loser back then and I never thought that I would ever amount to anything. I struggled every day with low self-worth and constantly trying to PROVE that wasn’t me. That I had a good heart and good soul. That I was indeed smart.

It wasn’t until I walked in to Strayer University and started my very first class that it changed.  As each year completed, my self-worth and confidence grew. It grows stronger and stronger each year.

Now picture yourself. Do you remember the first time you walked into class? The overwhelming fear? The questioning of your sanity? 🙂 But here you are~ Another quarter down and closer to graduation if not graduating yet. You know why? ou DIDN’T QUIT! YOU DIDN’T MAKE EXCUSES! You continue to push forward. YOU ARE A CHAMPION! A Champion in your own right! You deserve the accolades.  Enjoy them, let them re-energize you. ALLOW yourself to experience them. You are not the person you used to be, you are becoming an awesome person. It doesn’t matter anymore if you had a rough start and made some serious mistakes. It’s all about who you are NOW! 

Finally you can hold your head up high and look people in the eyes. Smile with dignity and know the obstacles you have overcome. BE PROUD!

Eliminate EXCUSES from your vocabulary, that’s NOT who you are anymore. You are a SUCCESS! YOU ARE DRIVEN! YOU ARE AWESOME!


Are you willing to get your hands dirty? YOUR FUTURE IS IN YOUR HANDS!

Are you willing to gedt your hands dirty? YOUR FUTURE IS IN YOUR HANDS!.

The Art of Visualization ~ Keep Graduation in your sights!

When you look at this picture, what do you see?  Calmness? Serenity? A place where you would love to be? It creates a sense of peace.

Now, when you look at the picture below, what do you feel?

It makes me smile, feel excited.It creates a sense of accomplishment and pride. I couldn’t say  it better than myself. I walked both my Associates and my Bachelors degrees. I am glad that I did. It was exhilaration! Like it says above, “The tassel was worth the hassle.  ABSOLUTLEY!  I have notes everywhere. My screen savers on my computer and cellphone says “GRADUATION.” There are sticky notes on my refrigerator, front door in my car and office. This is what visualization is all about. It reminds you when it gets tough what your goal is. The words GRADUATION is re-energizing and pumps me up to keep going on.

Visualize graduation day. Picture yourself in you cap & gown. Visualize all the people in the crowd, your family, friends and peers. Picture yourself walking across the stage to get your degree. Imagine the words of your name being called and the type of degree that you earned. Go ahead, sit back and visualize it. It will give you the desire to continue. Watch a virtual graduation online. It’s not cheesy, it’s what you are working for. Don’t deny yourself.

Share your graduation stories if you like. Talk to students who have graduated, ask them what it did for them. Go to one of your schools graduations and experience what it is like.


Enjoy the beautiful day God gave you!


Just Stop ~ Be Still ~ Believe and Trust.










Human beings have to control everything. Isn’t that true? We are afraid to let go and allow things to happen as their supposed to. My favorite saying is “Let Go, Get God.” Here is where the problem comes in. He never, and I reiterate, does what I “want” when I want him to. Ugggg. Then I get impatient and take control back. That never works out good 😦 for me. It drives me nuts! I feel that if I give up complete control then it won’t get done right. WHAT? Am I saying I don’t trust God and the universe to do the right thing? SHAME ON ME

It’s hard for human beings to, well almost impossible, to let go and just let it be. I don’t know about you, but I go into a panic mode. I say to myself “what if he’s not listening at this very moment, he might miss what I am saying. REALLY?! WOW, that’s pretty narcissistic of me. I should be ashamed of myself and I am. How could I possibly think that I know what I need more than God. WHAT WAS I THINKING!

I have been assessing this over the last year and I am beginning to grasp that concept. I am not 100% trusting yet I am sorry to say. I am doing tons better than this time last year. I have had a great deal of trials and tribulations lately and sometimes I even told God that I was really mad at him. It seemed at first that the further I went in school, the more tests that were given to me. Tests, that is the word I decided to use. It helps me tremendously to understand what and why something is happening.

Tests are designed to determine how much we want something. How badly do I want my education? Am I willing to make sacrifices to accomplish that? Can I handle the stress going to college brings? My answer is YES! YES! YES! If I cannot handle the stress that comes along with going to college, working full-time and having a family, then how am I going to manage the stress that will come with my chosen field? I will still have family and work issues. Even more stress if you are starting a new career.

I have become calmer in the last year and not wiggling out at every obstacle. I stop and take a deep breath and trust that everything happens for a reason. As it say above – JUST BE.

LET THE LIGHTS SPARKLE AND SHOW YOU THE WAY!  Let go and let your life unfold as it is supposed to be. Trust in yourself that you are doing the right things. BE TRUE TO YOURSELF.


Enjoy this beautiful day God gave you!


What kind of future are you building? ~Weak or Strong!

I thought this was most appropriate for those of us that are pursuing our dreams of a better life. We have to stay focused and remain stead fast in achieving our goals. I noticed for myself over the last year especially that when I thought about my past that I do not have any desire to go back to it. Not one single bit. 🙂 Not even the good parts.

Life has changed drastically since I returned to college. My perspective, my outlook and my dreams. Walking graduation for both my Associates and Bachelor’s Degrees put everything into perspective. The INCREDIBLE feelings of success and accomplishment is INTENSE and very gratifying. 🙂

I am now starting my journey of my Master’s degree and I have already contacted a University about their Doctorate program. I already know where I am going, and I have all the information that I need. I am not turning back now and neither should you. Do not waste your time thinking about the past for it is GONE! Never to be again. HOWEVER, the future is in front of you. Grasp all the opportunities that are there for you. HOLD ON TIGHT! Make them happen for yourself. You cannot fix the past, but you can pour the foundation for the future.

This is what I used to say to my patients all the time as well as employees that used to work for me, see if it works for you.

You are building a gorgeous home. To your specifications. You will be the first person to live in that home. You hire all the contractors, bought all the materials. You decided to go with the lowest bidder to save money as well as using lower quality materials. Again, to save money. Your house is built and it’s AWESOME! You move in and live your life. Ten years later, you notice that the foundation is sinking, literally.  😦   What is going on?  Why is this happening? You contact the contractor and he informs you that you decided to use cheaper materials and this is the result.  You built a beautiful home on a weak foundation!

Is your foundation weak or are you building your future on a solid, strong foundation? Think about it. If you build your future on a weak foundation, it will eventually crumble. Don’t cheapen your future. 

Enjoy this beautiful day God gave you!


When College Gets Tough ~ The Tough ~ GET GOING! ~HOPE~

When College Gets Tough ~ The Tough ~ GET GOING! ~HOPE~.

When College Gets Tough ~ The Tough ~ GET GOING! ~HOPE~















Midterms are done, grades are in and the 2nd half of the quarter/semester begins. This is usually the time that classes are getting more trifling. When you say to yourself  “What was I thinking?” More papers are due, the work is increasing, and if you did not do well on your midterms, you really have to buckle down. If you aced your midterms, you have to work harder to maintain it.

You had all this energy and motivation when the quarter/semester started and now you are winding down a bit. I understand that only too well. HOWEVER, this is NOT  the time to allow that to happen. There will be plenty of time when the quarter/semester is over. It is the time to reach deep down inside and pull it all back out. This is where the old saying comes in; “It’s the difference between the men and the boys.”   The difference between SUCCESS & FAILURE. You need to remember why you chose to go back to college in the first place and re-energize yourself.  College is tough, I agree, but so is LIFE. So is your job, so is being a spouse and so on. How bad do you want this degree? Is it worth the sacrificing? OF COURSE IT IS! You can do it! HOWEVER, if it is not, then you need to make some decisions. Before you make any decisions, wait until the quarter/semester is over and then decide. Give yourself an honest chance before deciding to drop out.

Pick yourself up and dust yourself off and get TOUGH. Remember it’s all about GRADUATION! FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!

I particularly like Strayer’s saying : “ONLY THE DRIVEN.”


Enjoy this beautiful day God gave you.


If you have HATERS – You must be doing something ~ RIGHT!

This statement is incredibly true. Before I started college, I never understood the “Hater” concept. I just thought some people were rude. In the last four years, especially the last two, I have come to understand this concept. At first, it really frustrated me because my self-esteem had taken a real hit over the years and I was just starting to feel good about myself again. Going back to college had given me the feeling of success again. It gave me confidence in myself. I could walk with my head high again. Then all of a sudden, there were conflicts in my life with people I never expected. It devastated me and I would say to myself all the time “Where did that come from?”  People who I thought were in my corner started to drift away, call me names, put me down. The only thing that changed in me was my CONFIDENCE & SELF-WORTH. Why were people doing this?

That my friend is called a “HATER.”  Haters are people who do not want to see you get ahead, better yourself or actually become happy. See, they are great when you feel like crap, your self-esteem is a bust and so on because it empowers their egos, their self-esteem, their self-worth. They feel good on your back. Once you begin to understand who you are and what you have to offer, you become a threat to those individuals.

I learned that the better you do, the more haters, you will have. The more successful you become, you may have to make a decision to change your friends. You need to surround yourself with people who have the same goals as you do and are not afraid of your success. When people act like HATERS, it is because you are creating an uncomfortable feeling in them. You are causing them to look at themselves, and they do not like what they are seeing. That is NOT YOUR FAULT! 

Think about this for a minute. Look at successful people such as Doctors, Lawyers, CEO’s and so on. Do they surround themselves with other successful people or do they surround themselves with losers? I know for myself I want to be around people who are succesful, have what I am trying to get. I can learn from them. I can learn what it takes to become succesful. I can also learn what pitfalls to avoid. Tell me one professional athlete that practices everyday with someone who is not? Why would a professional tennis player practice with a beginner? How are they going to improve that way? You only get better by playing or working with people who are smarter and more succesful than you are. They can teach you what you need to learn. The person who is calling you names and putting you down for going back to school is JEALOUS! They want you to stay right where you are at. They do not have any desire to see you succeed.

For myself, that meant a great deal of changes and pain. I had to walk away from some family members and friends because being around them was toxic. The stress it would cause was unbearable. However, making the changes and surrounding myself with positive, healthy people has made significant changes in my life. People who rejoice in my success. People who want to see me prosper and grow. These people are now a major part of my life. Yes, it hurt like you know what to walk away from certain people, but I knew if I did not, I would never achieve my goals. YOU DO NOT NEED PEOPLE WHO ARE INTENTIONALLY SABATAGING YOUR FUTURE. 

I can hear you now. “I can never walk away from my friends or family.” “That is just plain WRONG!” “I don’t ever want to become that arrogant.” Yep, I can hear those words. Why? Because I said them too! When I started my 3rd year is when major changes happened. Some people realized I was serious about school and making my dreams come true and they began to berate me, talk about me and tell me that I was being foolish to think at my age that I could start a new career and be successful! WHAT! I thought they were my friends and family! Wow, what an eye-opener. You will, I promise, experience this. To what degree, I cannot say. You just need to remain focused on the prize – GRADUATION! NEW JOB! PROMOTION!

Keep doing what you are doing, those who are really friends and family; they will pat you on the back instead of trying to stab you in the back. They will scream for you at graduation. They will praise your successes. They will get excited about your grades. They will pump you up when you are struggling. The will cheer you on! Just reading that makes me feel good and motivates me. How about you?


Feel sorry for your haters and rejoice with those who embrace your drive to become a better person!

Enjoy this beautiful day God gave you!


Some Days I Just Need a ~ HUG!

Some Days I Just Need a ~ HUG!.