I know you’re tired – COME THIS WAY….

   Today is Sunday. It is a day of reflection. For us college students it may be a day of studying. For others it may be a day of paperwork for our jobs. You may have to work today. House may need to be cleaned and laundry needs done. I know you’re tired, as I am too.

I woke up just exhausted. Studied until a little after 2 a.m. My first thought was “How am I going to get everything I need to do, done?” I actually allowed myself to get overwhelmed. I noticed how my mood was becoming and realized that I needed to MEDITATE and listen to my favorite Sunday show “Joel Osteen Ministries”, I hope that doesn’t offend anyone. 

Then I found this beautiful post and it drew me in. I sat back and in the quiet of my room I just stared at it. I found myself coming back to my place of peace. My breathing calmed and my mood changed. I took about 10 minutes just to be by myself. Now I am ready to face the day!

This picture is calming and tranquil. Allow yourself to experience it. Imagine the smell, the fresh air and the sounds.  Re-energize. 

Take a deep refreshing breath……Enjoy your day!  🙂

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