How to Stay Motivated. Discover the Champion in YOU!

You have probably been back in school for a couple of weeks now and life is moving at a fast pace. Now you are probably saying “I don’t want to do any homework today.” Or saying “I just want some time for myself.” Now I am assuming that you have been keeping up on your classwork (If you haven’t I can’t sympathize with you here. SHAME ON YOU IF YOU SLACKED TOO MUCH). If you haven’t waited until the last-minute, then you need to know it’s OK to take a breather. Actually, it’s the best thing you can do for yourself. It will re-energize yourself and your brain.

Call a friend or your spouse and go out to lunch or dinner, go to a movie, go to the gym. Just give yourself a couple of hours to unwind. If you can’t leave, take a shower or a warm bath, put on your favorite music and dance around the room or just take a nap.  You can always call a friend to chat or go on Facebook to catch up.  Maybe even spend some quiet time with God, or whoever you consider to be your higher power. You will find it is the best thing you can do for yourself.

You will feel renewed, fresh and ready to tackle your course work. For myself, I found that even just closing my eyes for 15 minutes made a huge difference in the rest of my day.  If you have little ones, when they take a nap, go ahead and rest too.

If you are keeping up with your school work, and you just want to take a little time, DO IT! You’ll be more creative and fresh. You will also be HAPPIER! 

Keep your eye in the prize – GRADUATION.  Find a picture of what your cap and gown and paste it above your computer or desk. Type the words; I AM A COLLEGE GRADUATE,  and print out as many copies as you need and tape them everywhere you can see them. Keep the vision. I have post it notes everywhere; my date book, above my computer, on my mirror, on my refrigerator and in my car. When I am having a tough day, and we all do, all you have to look at the pictures or the words you have hanging out all over the place and you will get back on track.

YOU ARE A CHAMPION! Just dig deep, and don’t allow yourself to get behind because that is just too hard to catch up. That in of itself is not worth the stress. You are just bringing stress into you life for no reason. 



2 thoughts on “How to Stay Motivated. Discover the Champion in YOU!

    • Thank you. I hope to someday teach other adult learners. I also want to write for a living. Even possibly thinking about writing a book. Thank you for your support. Maybe my blog can helpm your students. That would be the best reward ever if mu writings help someone. 🙂

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