Taking Risks

Did you read it? Read it line by line because each one is important. You have choices. Returning to school is one of those choices.  It a choice to make a better life for yourself, and your family. Change is scary, fear of the unknown and so on. However, we are human beings and comfortable with what is familiar and safe. Those feelings can stand in the way of making changes for the better.

Let’s talk about SECURITY. Security is a false bravado and can blind you to the facts. If you were feeling so secure, you would not even be considering going back to college. It is time that you were honest with yourself. It’s the old saying, “You know what you got, you don’t know what you’re going to get.” I can hear the voices in your head right now, “I have this job, and at least I know I have this money coming in,” or “There’s no guarantee I will get a better job with a degree and I’ll be in debt with student loans.” On and On. I know because I have said them all to myself. In all honesty, I spent nearly 15 years making excuses why I couldn’t return to college; the kids need me, my husband needs me, I just do not have the time………etc.

Here’s the amazing part, you do have the time, you will have a better future with more financial security because you got your degree and you are now worth more money, your family will still need you, but you will be a better parent because your self-esteem will skyrocket. Your husband/wife will still need you, but again, you’ll be a better spouse because you are doing what makes you happy.

Take the leap of faith. Give yourself the chance for TRUE FREEDOM. Soar like an eagle and fly as high and far as you can. You only get one chance at this life. Make it all that you want it to be. TAKE THE RISK.

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