Maintaining Friendships.

This was a little hard to adjust to in that I value my friendships and enjoy spending quality time with them. However, school took a big chunk out of that. At first my friends were a little miffed about it. They were used to me being available whenever they needed me. It suddenly became “I’ll get back with you, I’m studying now,” or it was “I’m in class right now, I’ll call you back”, or another one was/is “I’m getting ready for midterms or finals, I’ll talk next week.” I had to sit down with my friends and explain what I was trying to do and that this was really, really important to me. Upon doing so, I found that the friends that we truly my friends and wanted the best for me UNDERSTOOD.

Now it’s a joke/satire. If one of them calls and don’t get a hold of me, they leave a message of understanding and words of encouragement. I’ll post on my fb page that its midterm week or finals week and I always get “See you when you are out of hibernation.”

BUT……. I had to remember to take time for myself too. That taking a breather and having lunch with my bff’s really re-energized me and boosted my confidence to continue on. We have to remember that our friends bring us joy and laughter and we need to keep them a part of our journey. They are so encouraging when I feel like I have had enough or a class that is kicking my butt and I’m questioning my sanity, they say to me what I need to hear and they let me know quite frequently that they value me and our friendship. One of my longest and dearest friends drove 275 mile to watch me graduate in September 2011. She did nit tell me she was coming and surprised me. It made my day even more special.

Make sure you prioritize and set boundaries where they need to be set. Your true friends will be by your side during your journey, the rest, well …. the hell with them. 🙂

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